Juan Diego Valera| www.juandiegovalera.com | We like Juan because his work focuses on that which encompasses vitality. It deals with what is in permanent change and evolution, what is constantly decomposing and disappearing. His work is a place right between consciousness and unconsciousness.




I record various superimposed realities in these projects: physical space, the tangible, the static and yet just the opposite at the same time: action, movement, what is happening around me, people, destinations and subjective realities; everything that moves me.

I take my photos instinctively, directly, impulsively, as if unloading something. I do it with no pre-established structure, mixing between different cameras and formats, letting sensations and stimuli guide me.

The approaches gain power in publication. They aim to show a fragmented imaginary built from the intimacies of daily life.


Juan Diego Valera