Daniel S. Álvarez | www.danielsalvarez.com |  We like people like him, able to catch a plane to Tokyo and, in the midst of an absolutely unfamiliar culture with unknown codes, turn the camera into a tool for understanding what is happening around him. A process of understanding, a leap into the dark. 




Daniel S. Álvarez (b.1983) is a photographer from Barcelona currently doing a PhD in Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. Coming from a Film education he discovers photography nearly by chance, but it soon became a basic tool to understand the world, narrate it and preserve his memory. A search that resulted in his first work “Oku he” (2008-2012) where a little love story is told from a personal point of view. This work has been published in 2012 by Standard Books with a publishing grant from the CoNCa (Council for the Arts of Catalunya) and exhibited in the Centre d’Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona in 2012.

Currently he is working between Barcelona, Tokyo and México.